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Personal Training

Overcome your fitness plateau and get more out of your work out with a personal trainer. Working with a personal trainer guarantees faster results.

Contact:  Cathy Firkins
Fitness & Group Exercise Director
650-697-7311 Ext. 613

All trainers will work with clients on the following key components to fitness:

Individual Personal Training appointments are available for $70 per hour.

  • Nutrition and Health Planning
  • Circuit Training
  • Stress Management
  • Endurance
  • Core Building
  • Injury Prevention

Personal Trainers

Please see below or visit the front desk to review our “Personal Trainer Biography Index”.

Cassandra Butler
Cassandra Butler
Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification from International Sports & Science Association.
  • TRX Certified
  • 20 years experience, 16 years at Prime Time Athletic Club.

One of our longest serving Fitness Trainers, Cassandra is a dedicated and inspirational trainer who understands the importance of exercising safely in conjunction with a proper nutritional and an overall healthy lifestyle.  Having first established your goals, Cassandra’s main objective is to keep you motivated by creating a balanced and creative program that sees you succeed.  She stresses the importance of strength training for fat loss, building muscle, and overall health and flexibility.

“Fitness should be made fun and become a part of everyday life.  Everyone has different abilities and goals.  I get satisfaction from making sure every one of my clients reach their potential and do so in a manner that’s fun, safe and sustainable for their life.  Exercise is a life choice not a chore suffered for a few months.”

My passion is weight training, but I enjoy snow skiing, water skiing, wake-boarding, golf, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Jacquie Garrish
Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification from World Instructor Training Schools
  • Certification in Aquatic Fitness AEA
  • Tabata Bootcamp
  • Pilates Reformer from Powerhouse Pilates
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Barre Certified from Barre Above
  • 20 years experience in the fitness industry and 10 years experience at Prime Time

Jacquie specializes in TRX, BOSU, body conditioning, weight training, group classes, and barre.

Jacquie has always had a passion for helping others in a way that can impact their lives for the rest of their lives. She believes that the most important element she can share with anyone is her own commitment to a healthy lifestyle. “I practice what I preach” She believes in being active, healthy and staying fit and sharing this lifelong passion is what motivates her each and every day.

Jacquie loves baseball, swimming, weightlifting and a good game of darts.

Maria Harper
Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification from National Council on
  • Strength and Fitness (NCSF).
  • Schwinn Certified Spin Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Barre Certified from Barre Above

Maria’s focus is on strength and endurance training, cardiovascular training, core strength and overall body conditioning.

Maria has been very active in sports her entire life. She has completed several half marathons and one full marathon. In her free time she loves to cook, and spend time with her five children and blended family, Maria believes in the simple philosophy of “inspire by doing”. I love to inspire people to push further than they thought possible and achieve even the smallest goal with enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Maria loves hiking, running, cycling, weightlifting and playing tennis

William Lee
Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification by National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Resist-a-Ball C.O.R.E. Instructor
  • Johnny G. Spinning® Instructor
  • TRX Certified
  • 20 years personal training experience in San Francisco and the Bay Area with 17 years experience at Prime Time
  • 7 years experience as a chiropractor aid
  • Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

Bio Mechanics and building a foundation before integrating advanced exercises

“My goal is to educate my clients that their only limitations are the ones they bestow upon themselves. I can show them that their goals can not only be met, but also exceeded. Fitness training gives me great satisfaction by assisting others in reaching their maximum fitness potential.”

Weight training, Spinning, Pilates and recreational cycling.

Joseph Solari
Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from San Marcos University, Lima, Peru. Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel Industry and Tourism, Malaga, Spain.
  • International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) Personal Training Certification.
  • Personal Trainer, Club One, San Francisco
  • Personal Trainer, Arnold Gym, Lima, Peru
  • Soccer Coach, San Marcos University, Lima, Peru.
  • Semi-pro Soccer Player
  • 20 years experience in personal training helping a variety of people from kids, middle aged, and the elderly to elite athletes.

Strength and resistance training, weight loss and body composition, cardiovascular training, sports specific training, functional work-out, elasticity balls, BOSU and foam roller for core strength, balance and coordination and kick boxing.

“Being healthy and physically fit provides the foundation for success and enjoyment in everything we do in life. When you are physically fit and your body is functioning at its maximum capacity, everything else in life becomes easier; the challenges we face are easier to meet and our recreational time is more enjoyable. I believe that small successes build up to greater successes.”

Soccer and Weight Training

Luis "Nikki" Orosa
Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Certification with Total Body Trainers Seminars
  • HKC Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification
  • TRX Suspension Training Certification
  • Nikki has worked in the fitness industry for 25 years as a health club assistant manager, an instructor, a competitor and a personal trainer
  • Nikki has been a trainer at Prime Time for 9 years
  • Strongfirst Kettlebell/Barbell certification

Nikki has been sought out in the fitness industry for his ability to motivate and guide his clients to reach and exceed their physical fitness goals.  His clients range from young to the elderly and athletic to beginners.  Sessions with clients are spiced up by incorporating a variety of activities like boxing, functional fitness and kettlebell workouts, in addition to the usual strength training and cardiovascular programs.

“Everyone should enjoy the process of working out, and not view it as drudgery.”

Nikki enjoys biking, swimming, golf, boxing and racquetball.  He has won various medals from competitions in power lifting, bench-press and swimming.

Jack Paul
Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification from National Association Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Performance enhancement/corrective exercise specialist
  • TRX Certified
  • 15 years personal training experience with 5 years experience at Prime Time
  • Over 10 years of experience as an instructor of physical education and training young athletes across several sports
  • Played a variety of sports including college football at San Francisco State University
  • 1989 graduated with bachelor’s degree in recreation and leisure
  • Strongfirst Kettlebell/Barbell certification

Jack’s focus is on functional training, creating workouts that are both motivating and fun for overall health.  “Volunteering as a personal trainer for special populations at a community center has given me the opportunity to work with people of all ages and backgrounds”.

Jack believes in integrated training that incorporates all discipline of fitness (flexibility, core, balance, reactive and resistance training) to help all populations reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and improve in performance.

Any outdoor sport

Kathleen Washburn
Personal Trainer
  • Graduated Carmel High School, 1986
  • Studied Dance and English at Monterey Peninsula College, 1987-1990
  • Current AFAA, ACSM and AEA Fitness Certifications
  • 20+ years of experience in personal training, dance and fitness performance and instruction, aqua and setp aerobics, individual motivation and group exercise
  • 49’er Gold rush Cheerleader, 1989-1995 (Two Super Bowls)
  • Reebok Dance Company
  • Wife and mother of two

Aqua Aerobics, Body Conditioning, Customized Individual Workouts, Children’s Programs, Group Classes, Dance, Fitness and Nutrition.

Enjoy everyday, and make the most of your fitness time. Health and physical wellness are critical to your quality of life. Developing individualized exercise and nutrition programs and achieving your personal goals is both fun and empowering. You don’t have to do it all at once, just keep moving, and let the momentum build. It’s easy to stay in shape if you are having a good time and feeling well. Push it when you are ready, but be safe and be smart. It’s your body and you only get one! Let’s make the most of it, and have a good time keeping it tuned and healthy.

I enjoy hiking, mud runs, family surfs, all kinds of aerobics, dancing, beach circuits, body sculpting, walking with friends and any activity that gets me moving.