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Member Communication – Covid-19

UPDATE April 20, 2020: Due to the changing guidance from the San Mateo County Health Department, we will NOT be charging May dues until we re-open.

March 31, 2020

Dear Valued Members,

The COVID-19 Health Crisis has presented challenges to all of us, which are unprecedented in our lifetime. Prime Time Athletic Club appreciates your patience with us during these extraordinary times. As many of you are aware, the State of California and County of San Mateo have ordered individuals to stay at home and businesses, not considered to be essential, to remain closed through May 3, 2020.

This means that our facility will remain closed, until the state order prohibiting non-essential businesses to operate has been lifted, and is expected to re-open on Monday, May 4, 2020. Please understand that our facility is closed not just to members but staff as well and that it may take us some time to sort out many issues and address all of your questions.

Our highest priority is to maintain a safe environment for our members and staff. With that being said, we believe that keeping you informed of our proactive efforts is an important part of this process.

At this time, Prime Time Athletic Club is continuing to pay our permanent salaried employees their normal wages as well as maintaining health insurance and other benefits to all eligible employees. It is our hope to maintain a certain amount of revenue coming in from our loyal membership base so that we are able to re-open and continue to operate. We hope that our members will choose to stay with us and continue to contribute to this much needed revenue source during these trying times.

As an independent, family owned and operated business, which has been a part of this community for over 40 years, we rely on your monthly dues in order to continue to remain in business and provide the high level of service that you deserve. With this in mind, dues will remain in effect for now. We are offering members to place their memberships on hold, for the month of April, at no charge. However, we hope that you will choose to continue to keep your membership active and support your club.

We appreciate your continued support and sincerely thank you for being a valued part of our community. Be safe, remain healthy and we look forward to welcoming you back just as soon and safely as this crisis permits.


Raymond E. Jungwirth
General Manager